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We all know that floor mats are important for keeping floors clean, dry and safe. But you might not realize that custom floor mats are excellent sales and marketing tools, too!

The walls, shelving and overhead space in a store or office is often crowded with signage and advertising, all competing for the customer’s attention. But the floor is an untapped and uncluttered branding space. With no other advertising around, a logo and sales message on a floor mat can really stand out!

In fact, a store in a recent study we conducted saw a combined sales increase of 43% for brands advertised on floor mats. The mats were strategically placed in front of certain bottle displays and were able to stand out from the others, leading to increased sales for the corresponding brands. And that was just three weeks after adding the custom floor mats to the store!

Here are some ways you can use customized floor mats to drive sales:

  • Outside entrances to draw people in as they’re walking by a business
  • Inside a doorway to immediately present a key sales message
  • In front of a product display, to highlight features and benefits or provide sizing or comparison information
  • Throughout a retail or office space to highlight promotions and special offers
  • At the point of sale, to make one last sales pitch as customers are checking out (counter mats work well for this, too)

There’s almost no limit to what you can print on a custom floor mat, from one- or two-color logos or even product launches using vivid photo-quality images on dye sublimation and nylon dye mats. And almost any business can benefit: retailers, offices, convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hair and nail salons, and much more.

So why not put these powerful sales tools to work for you? Please contact us today to learn more.

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