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Using custom entry mats, personalized with your company’s logo, tagline or any other graphic, photo or saying, can enhance your customers’ buying experience – leading to increased sales, repeat traffic and referrals.

Here are just some of the many ways using custom entry mats in your business can help:

  1. They are Attractive and Eye-Catching – Technology today allows us to create full-color, eye-catching displays on custom floor mats. Whether you choose a POP display mat to showcase a particular product, a logo floor mat to help reinforce your company’s brand, or a stunning photographic-quality image that helps spread your company’s message, using personalized floor mats will catch and keep your customers’ eyes – and their business.
High Brew Coffee Floor Mat
Direct Print Duramat display mat
  1. Custom Entry Mats are Durable and Enhance Safety – No company wants to find themselves the target of a liability suit because a customer or supplier injured themselves at your place of business. Using custom floor mats in entryways and at the point of sale do more than just sell your products and service for you. They also help keep your floors clean and safe. Whether you go with durable rubber-backed indoor/outdoor mats, rubber scraper entry mats or mats designed to showcase your logo – even in wet areas, you’ll be helping lower the company’s liability risk in an inexpensive, attractive and useful way.
HD Nylon Dye entrance mat
  1. They can Provide Relief for Standing Customers – If your business is busy enough to commonly have customers waiting in the entry area or other parts of the business, using floor mats deliberately designed to ease foot and back pain is something anyone visiting your business will notice, and appreciate. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the image or logo to showcase your brand when you use anti-fatigue mats.
  1. Using Custom Entry Mats is an Inexpensive Way to Advertise – When you think about all of the people who come in and leave through your business’ entry doors every day, you will quickly realize the value you are getting when you choose custom entry floor mats. For best results, rotate mats periodically to display a different message, product or picture. Doing so will help combat the unintentional product blindness customers may experience when they see the same message or same display over and over. This can be a great way to introduce a new product or service to customers too.

Any business can experience these benefits, but custom entry mats work particularly well in businesses with regular foot traffic.

Try PromoMatting’s Custom Entry Mats to See the Benefits Firsthand

The benefits of using custom entryway mats are many. To start experiencing them for yourself in your own business or to learn more, contact PromoMatting today. We only distribute our quality mats through a network of qualified distributors. However, with a network of more than 2,500 distributors across the country, the odds are good that we have a distributor near you.

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