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We all know that you only get one chance to make a great first impression. Yet many businesses overlook one of the key areas that people see first: door mats.

Door mats are important for keeping floors dry, clean and safe, but you can easily customize your mats to create a very positive first impression of your business. Although you could opt for standard door mats, your entrances provide a great, eye-catching way to promote your brand, tagline, or a welcome message with custom door mats.

Nylon Dye Entrance Mat

Custom door mats provide a professional look.

We offer both indoor and outdoor entrance mats in a range of styles and sizes to fit your brand and your budget. This includes upscale looks such as our Berber Flocked Diamondback mat as well as High Definition Nylon Dye mats with photographic-quality printing and unlimited color options.

Having your business name right by the door also functions like a sign, telling people that they’re in the right place and providing credibility for your business. You can also use this space to quickly tell people what you offer, or use custom door mats outside your entrance to entice people to stop and enter when they’re walking by.

Custom door mats are simple to maintain.

These versatile mats require the same maintenance as standard floor mats: just vacuum them frequently to remove dirt, and treat any spills as needed. These simple steps will provide less work in the long run, because you’ll find less dirt and debris tracked through the rest of your business space.

Custom door mats have a multitude of uses.

Any business with a door can use a custom door mat! This includes retailers, corporate offices, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, salons, libraries, hotels, apartment and condo buildings, medical offices, libraries, schools and childcare centers. Even if customers don’t visit your office, you can use custom door mats to build company pride among employees and promote motivational or safety messages.

Flocked Olefin Safety Mat

Don’t just keep your floors clean — create a great first impression! View our Online Catalog to see our full selection of custom mat options, and then contact your promotional products distributor to learn more or place an order! If you don’t have a promotional products distributor, please contact us to find one near you.

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