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For bar and club owners, using custom bar mats, or spill mats, is a smart choice for a number of reasons. They offer a great way to protect your bar counter while adding style and pizzazz to your establishment, and adding a logo or custom message is a fantastic way to market either your own business or to engage in cross-promotional marketing with other companies.

Here’s 5 reasons why PromoMatting’s bar mats with logos or promotional messages are so popular for use in bars, casual restaurants or clubs:

Tito’s® Vodka custom bar mat

1. Easy to clean. When your business includes people eating, drinking and enjoying themselves in a casual environment, it is inevitable: spills are going to happen. So, bar mats need to be easy to keep clean and should be non-absorbent.

2. Easy and inexpensive marketing. One of the best things about custom bar mats is the opportunity to display customized messages or logos. Some bar owners choose to use their own logos or taglines. Still others partner with alcohol and liquor or bottling companies to display mats with those companies’ logos. You can also use bar mats to provide a friendly reminder about a standing promotion (“Monday is Ladies’ Night!”), or a general reminder (“Don’t drink and drive!”) Another option is to team up for cross-marketing with a local taxi company to use bar mats with their phone or text number to order cabs. You can both benefit from the use of custom bar mats, and know that your customers will get home safely.

3. Boost your decor! Some bar owners choose bar mats in blacks, grays or other neutral colors, so they blend in with the bar and other surroundings. That’s fine if that’s what you want, however know that bar mats do not have to blend in. Custom bar mats from PromoMatting are available in a range of vivid colors. We use Pantone® spot color imprinting to get the color for your logo and messaging just right, maintaining consistency with your other marketing and branding efforts, and giving your bar, club or casual restaurant exactly the look and feel you want. 

4. Sturdy construction. PromoMatting’s bar and counter mats are 100% made in the USA ,  constructed of durable PVC vinyl, and have a thickness of 1/2 inch. In addition to being commonly used in bars and clubs, our custom bar mats are also popular for busy workspaces like  fast food drink counters and even nurse stations. They are made to be used over and over and still look great. 

5. Sizing options. Our logo bar mats are available in two different standard size options, but custom sizing is also available for an extra charge. So, you can get the length and width for your bar mats that is just right for your business.

Promotional bar mats from PromoMatting will protect your bar counter, spruce up the look of your establishment, and keep it looking great all while showcasing your logo or message of choice to your customers. To learn more, and to find an authorized distributor near you, contact us today.

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