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We hear from people all the time who assume that all we sell are custom logo floor mats designed for specific types of businesses; they are often amazed to learn that the products we offer go beyond traditional floor matting and can be used in all types of settings. In addition to mats for business entryways, we also offer bar matscounter mats and anti-fatigue mats.

Custom mats are an amazingly affordable way to increase your marketing reach, and are popular in retail, commercial and residential settings. Here are some of the most popular uses for custom matting:

Retail Mats

Floor mat in retail setting.

In a retail setting, custom retail mats function like billboards, helping to spread brand awareness. Retailers love using custom door mats in entryways and in front of shelving, but you can also use custom mats in front of or on top of point of purchase displays or near the counter.

Another popular idea is to use custom mats for product demonstrations. This is common in businesses like liquor stores or grocery stores, but custom matting can really be used in any demonstration setting.

Commercial Mats

Commercial door mats are very popular in many commercial settings, including banks, health care settings and anywhere else where the business has a need to keep the floor both clean and safe. Entrance mats designed with the businesses’ logo are very popular, as are mats specifically designed to help employees avoid fatigue when their jobs require standing for long periods of time.

Employees appreciate custom matting in copy rooms, break rooms and in individual workstations, and these types of placements offer a unique opportunity to provide a customized message, such as a safety reminder or a “customers first” pledge.

Residential Mats

Our residential welcome mats are very popular with realtors, apartment and condo building owners, schools, dormitories, home builders, daycare centers, churches and many others! Custom floor mats provide unparalleled opportunities for use on front steps, in garages or in front of individual unit or room doors. Bar and counter mats are popular for “man caves”, in kitchens, home offices or anywhere else where the residents or visitors will reasonably come in contact with and use the mats, seeing the name of your business every time they do so.

Clayton Home Custom Welcome Mat
Residential floor mat.

Beyond visibility

When you use custom floor, counter or bar mats, your logo or other desired message will be displayed prominently, which provides an amazing, inexpensive marketing opportunity. In addition to the amazing brand awareness you can create by using custom mats, you will also be amazed at the products’ durability.

While we don’t like to brag, we often hear from satisfied customers that their logo mats end up paying for themselves, many times over, in the form of both return business and new customers. Of course, the fact that PromoMatting’s custom floor mats are easy to clean and help protect against slips and falls are also high on our customers’ lists of why they would not hesitate to recommend our mats to others for retail, commercial or residential use.

To learn more about how custom floor, counter and bar mats can help bring your logo to life, browse through our website to get ideas for how to easily get your logo in front of the people you want to see it. Then, contact us to find a qualified distributor in your area today.

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