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Anti-fatigue mats are helpful to support feet, legs and backs in positions where there is a lot of standing and other physical activity. Our personalized logo mats give your staff the comfort they need while creating brand awareness and recognition. Our mats are customizable and offer a great way to display logos and other custom design work.

If your company is looking to boost work productivity at your business, anti-fatigue mats can really make a difference. Take a look at these six great anti-fatigue mats- the personalized logos are perfect for commercial or industrial office or retail spaces, and PromoMatting has a huge selection that can be personalized to meet most any specification. Custom anti-fatigue mats are perfect both behind the scenes and also as a display in customer facing areas.


The EverSoft is the perfect mat for photocopier areas, cashier stations, or other work areas that require foot and leg support. This mat will look great with your printed image and will help to reduce the fatigue caused by standing for extended periods of time. The EverSoft mat will provide the support required by your staff to keep productive and comfortable. Customers will appreciate the extra support provided by mats at cashier counters and service desks.


This mat is good for stations and tasks that require greater foot and back support, opt for the Fatigue Shield to help ease tiredness and lowered productivity due to uncomfortableness. The Fatigue Shield provides the extra support necessary to maintain productivity in positions that require extended periods of standing and other physical requirements. In addition to the important physical support, the custom design work that is available will help to create brand awareness and recognition. Employee productivity and comfort can lead to a more positive work environment for all.

Direct Print Fatigue Shield anti-fatigue floor mat


The mBossed EverSoft mat is the perfect choice for anti-fatigue and also as a display to show off your logo to your customers. This embossed mat provides a unique way to share

your logo that is durable and will look great for an extended period of time. Utilized on both sides of the service counter, this model of our anti-fatigue mat is the perfect way to share your brand and logo with the public. The mBossed option is perfect for higher traffic areas where customers may be waiting and for employee areas that require some additional support for feet, legs and backs.

PromoMatting has all of these great customized mats and more, and these anti-fatigue mats are perfect for many office and commercial areas where workers require some extra support to stay comfortable and productive. Our custom logo mats are also ideal to create brand awareness and recognition for your customers.

Contact PromoMatting today to learn more about how these great, and personalized, anti-fatigue mats can work for you. Customized mats are an effective way to promote your company in a very functional way!

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