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Have you seen the popular reality show Bar Rescue? On each episode, nightlife expert Jon Taffert goes into a failing bar or club and turns it around in just five days, typically with an extensive renovation or complete rebranding.

Fortunately, most bars and clubs aren’t in dire need of extreme intervention. Yet one quick and very easy way to dress up a bar while increasing sales is by using bar logo mats. In fact, you can often spot bar logo mats on the show.

Molded vinyl bar mat with spot color process

Bar mats are an eye-catching way to promote a brand right where the customer is making a purchase decision!

Plus, they provide a helpful anti-slip surface and help to keep the bar area clean and dry.

These powerful marketing tools are great for promoting the bar, club, or restaurant itself, and can be used to highlight special promotions. They also are often used as part of a co-op advertising or cross-marketing program. For example, many alcohol and liquor brands and bottling companies will provide bar logo mats to their customers as a way to promote their brands and boost sales.

Or, bars and taxi companies can team up to display a “don’t-drink-and-drive” message, with the taxi company’s phone number on the mat, or a number to text for a ride.

When choosing a mat, look for durable, long-lasting mats with imprints in vivid colors that will get noticed even in dim lighting. PromoMatting molded bar mats use custom molds and detailed printing for unique designs.

We’d love to share some sales and marketing tips on ways you can use bar mats. Contact us for details!

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