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Promotional product distributors, don't miss out on the top five markets for ad specialitiesCounselor Magazine recently published an infographic showing the top markets for ad specialties.

In addition to highlighting the top markets by percentage of distributor sales in 2011, the infographic includes details on sectors that saw increases in promotional product sales (nonprofits, retail, tech) as well as declines (consumer products, hospitality, government).

The top five markets for ad specialties are:

  1. Health Care
  2. Education
  3. Financial
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Associations

Are you selling to these markets? If not, do you have plans to add them to your prospect list? They can all use custom floor mats, so be sure to include those in your mix!

  1. Michael Njoroge

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  2. Marquis Royce

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  3. Leonard Mikesell

    These markets are easy to reach because they are quite big. Advertising is very crucial to sell products and services in these areas thus, custom mats are really helpful because they have many uses and are quite cheaper than other forms of advertisement.