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Ever wonder what “flock” means (aside from a group of geese or sheep)? “Flock” refers to short nylon fibers used for a range of applications, including glove compartment linings, fake snow and logos on doormats.

Flocked mats have precise, sharp images. Here’s how a PromoMatting flocked logo mat is made:

  1. We make a screen to reproduce the logo.
  2. We screen print colored adhesive onto the mat, then apply the flock. The fibers are electrostatically charged, causing them to stand up vertically when they are propelled into the adhesive. This causes the logo to be slightly raised and gives it a velvety feel.
  3. The mat is put in a drying room for six hours so the adhesive can cure. During the curing a chemical process called cross-linking occurs, bonding the logo and mat together permanently.
  4. After the mat is dry, we vacuum it and pass it to Quality Control for inspection.

PromoMatting flocked mats can be used indoors or outdoors and are perfect for entrance mats. And with their clean, crisp images flocked logo mats are a great branding tool for your clients. Contact us to learn more!

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