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So you’ve been thinking about adding custom floor mats to your business. This is an excellent choice! However, you are worried about the cost. While no business owner wants to spend more than necessary on “boring” things like floor mats, the truth is that custom branded floor mats pay for themselves. Don’t believe us? Check out these reasons why this is possible.

  1. A PromoMatting floor mat is easy to keep clean and will save you money on cleaning fees. Read our floor mat cleaning tips for more.
  2. These mats protect floors throughout your building. Imagine how much time and money you will save on rainy or muddy days.
  3. A logo mat can include your name, logo and other brand elements. You will add a third dimension to your marketing methods by using floor-based materials.
  4. Logo mats are designed for years of heavy use. This isn’t like a poster, standee or other form of in-store marketing. Your logo mat will last for years.
  5. Logo mats are fully customizable. You have more options available to you than you even dream would be possible. This means you can create a customized, pulled-together look that will make your facility stand out from the crowd.
  6. Certain mat styles can help keep your facility safer too. Aquadam mats, for instance, are designed to keep water from spreading around your property. Learn more about our safety floor mat options.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a promo mat is such a great option for your business—and how it can be a better value you than you may have imagined. Browse the different choices at PromoMatting and get ready to make an impact!

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