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The goal of any business marketing efforts is to ultimately increase sales; in-store displays are no exception. In-store marketing efforts are an easy, cost-effective way to market specific products or services, however some companies fall into the trap of throwing together an in-store display without much effort or thought and then wondering why sales aren’t increasing.

Because an astonishing 76% of purchase decisions are made when customers are already in-store, having effective displays is more critical than ever (source: Retail Minded). Here are five tried-and-true ways businesses can increase the effectiveness of their in-store and point-of-purchase (POP) advertising:

  1. Make displays attractive. This is marketing 101, but it’s important to remember that a visually-pleasing display will garner more attention than one that is ho-hum or monochromatic. No matter what you’re displaying or advertising, look at it with a critical eye. Mix up products or colors. If what you’re displaying is all the same color, make an effort to include at least one, but preferably two more colors in the display somehow. And, it is absolutely OK to have something in the display that doesn’t tie directly into the items you’re showcasing – doing so can add a fun element to your marketing efforts.

Make sure displays are also at eye-level or lower, so customers don’t have to crane their necks to see what you’re marketing.

  1. Use custom floor mats to enhance sales. Including customized floor mats as part of the display can have a meaningful impact on sales figures. A recent study by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) showed that companies using floor mats and graphics to help promote their products actually increased sales by more than 17%!
In-store logo floor mat
K2 boots logo advertising floor mat

Custom logo mats are eye-catching and attractive, durable and easy to clean, and are a great way to reinforce a business’ brand and products inexpensively. Whether you place them near a product demonstration, on top of a counter (or on the floor in front of a counter) or in an entryway, using custom matting can have a positive impact on sales.

  1. Light it up! It’s not enough to make your display eye-catching if it’s not well-lit. Put some thought into where you place displays (hint: a dark, unlit corner may not be the best place unless you can direct enough artificial light to draw attention to your display.) Some businesses have found that using portable spot lights can help their in-store displays really shine (pun intended).

Whether you place your in-store display in front of a window with natural light or add artificial lighting, simply making it easier for your customers to see your display will make it more effective (source: Retail Doc).

  1. Pay attention to your display. Remember that, just like any other product or section of your store, an in-store marketing display will need to be kept neat and clean. Expect that your customers will touch and move around the products and other elements you have displayed, and be OK with that. But, remember to spend time straightening and cleaning daily, or more frequently as needed, so your display will have the maximum possible impact.

While a neat, clean display isn’t guaranteed to drive sales by itself, having a disorganized, messy or even dirty display can negatively impact sales.

  1. Change it up. Even the most well thought out and attractive displays can become mundane if they’re in place for too long. Don’t plan on using the same display for a solid six months; to get the most traction out of in-store displays, change them up once a month, or even every two weeks. That doesn’t mean you need to create an entirely new display; sometimes simply changing the way you’re displaying products, or adding a new eye-catching element can do wonders and breathe new life into displays your regular customers might otherwise simply look past. Seasonal displays can also be effective.

Similarly, if you have more than one display in your store, move them around so that the items previously in the back of the store are now in the front, and vice versa. Your customers’ eyes will be drawn to the displays because things look different than last time they were in your store.

Get the Most out of Your In-Store Displays

Your customers are already in your store or business, but using in-store displays effectively can help increase sales and drive customer loyalty at the same time. Think of your retail advertising efforts as a silent salesperson, one who is working around the clock to help drive business.

Remember that your in-store displays do not need to be elaborate in order to be effective; sometimes a simple display can be eye-catching by itself. The goal is to make customers aware of, and increase interest in, the specific product being displayed.

For more in-store marketing tips and to find a distributor near you, contact PromoMatting online today.

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