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Custom outdoor custom floor mats are an excellent option for many organizations. Facilities that have indoor and outdoor spaces (such as a restaurant with patio area) are a natural choice, but the purposes of such a mat are nearly endless. If you’ve decided one or more of these are right for your mat needs, how do you choose? Here are five different options that each offer something unique.

  1. Cocoa Brush mat – This is an attractive, traditional mat with superior brushing action. This is perfect for retail entrances and residential areas where you want to control dirt and debris.
  2. Faux Coir mat – This is a synthetic version of the Cocoa Brush. This is shed-free, mold-free and stain resistant. It is a reliable choice for residential entrances.
  3. Aqua Dam mat – If controlling water is your number one priority, the Aqua Dam mat is an excellent choice. While highly functional, this mat is also attractive and provides a good surface for your bold, attractive logo.

    Aquadam Entrance Mat

    Aquadam Entrance Mat

  4. Dirt Stopper mat – This is a rubber scraper mat with photo-quality graphic images. This is one indoor/outdoor custom rug that will make a big impact while serving a vital function. The all-rubber construction also makes it a breeze to clean — simply wash off with a hose and let dry.
  5. Defender mat – If you want the Industry’s best looking and most functional entrance mat, then look no further. The Defender mat is made of durable, UV stable polypropylene and is ideal for stopping dirt and moisture at the door while promoting a brand’s logo.

There are many options when it comes to custom outdoor floor mats. Spend some time looking at your space and thinking about your particular needs to determine which option will work best and serve you well both today and in the future.

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