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We recently blogged about using custom floor mats as a powerful marketing tool, how custom floor mats boost sales, and their ability to increase safety, but how do you actually go about choosing the right floor mat for your project? With such a wide variety of floor mats for every purpose, selecting one can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is spend all of your time searching for the perfect custom floor mat.

Luckily, we are here to help you choose the best custom floor mat in four easy steps.


  1. Determine the Purpose
Custom restaurant floor mat
Nylon Dye Custom Entrance Mat

Step one is answering the question “why do we need a custom floor mat?” Are you looking to limit debris coming in from the outside? Perhaps you’re looking for a branded mat to place at the point of sale or an anti-fatigue mat for people on their feet all day. Whatever the need, there is a custom floor mat to match.

  1. Choose Placement

Step two is figuring out where the custom floor mat will live. Is it an outdoor or indoor floor mat? Maybe it is for a campaign display or a bar counter. While some vibrant floor mats, like the Dye Sub Classic, are wonderful for indoor use and atop counters due to their stunning photographic quality images, some are not going to be able to handle the wear of nature’s elements. To maintain high quality images on more rugged outdoor floor mats, options like the Dirt Stopper and Nylon Dye Twist are your best bet.

  1. Choose Artwork

As we mentioned before, some custom floor mats are perfect for photographic quality images and are available in various durability and styles—from the Dye Sub Classic for short-term promotions or counter tops, to the Direct Print Front Runner, which is perfect for outdoor entrance ways. If you are not looking for photographic quality images, spot color mats are perfect and can stand up to the heaviest of traffic.

  1. Determine Foot Traffic
    Logo Floor Mats
    Dye Sub Classic POP/Display Mat

Last, but certainly not least: foot traffic. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right custom floor mat for your project, is determining the volume of foot traffic. It goes without saying, but the more people walking over the floor mat, the sturdier it needs to be. Using a light traffic mat, like the Screen Print Camelot, in a heavy traffic retail environment will just increase the rate at which the mat is worn down. Luckily, there are custom floor mats for light traffic, moderate traffic, and heavy traffic so there is no guesswork when wondering if your mat will look stunning for years to come (spoiler: it will).

After determining the key components of the ideal mat for your project, finding the perfect one is the easy part! Click over to our handy Mat Selector Guide to find the custom floor mat that checks all of your boxes.

To learn more about custom mats and to find a qualified distributor in your area, contact PromoMatting today!